Catholic Charities ISAAC (Immigrant Support And Assistance Center) program provides refugee and immigration services in coordination with the federal government.

Our ISAAC program is recognized by the Department of Justice Office of Legal Access Programs and aids those looking to become contributing members of their community.

For many, becoming a U.S. permanent resident or a naturalized citizen is a long and costly process and ranges somewhere between $4,000 to $12,000. Our ISAAC program works with newcomers in coordination with the federal government and helps to significantly reduce the overall cost of acquiring U.S. citizenship status.

Our services also include educating newcomers on U.S. Immigration Laws, visa information, and employment authorization opportunities. We assist young people with DACA applications and renewal, and we help newcomers find programs in the community to learn English as a second language (ESL) and citizenship classes.

Having access to all these services in one place—a place where newcomers can find people who speak their language—provides a road map for them to naturalization.

With the growing number of newcomers, we recognize the immigration system in the U.S. is in dire need of being revamped. While those laws and trajectories remain outside of our control, our ISAAC program remains in full congruence with U.S. law and provides services that include assistance with naturalization and the initial permanent residency process.

To schedule an individualized consultation and evaluate your eligibility for refugee and immigration services that are in coordination with the federal government please email: