Many families across Northwest Indiana are struggling with feeding their families on a consistent basis. While there may be some months where finances are fine, there can be other periods of time that are more challenging due to an unexpected bill or a reduction in income.

Our Food Pantry program is a great place to turn to for assistance. We provide USDA certified fresh fruits, vegetables, canned goods, a protein, and dairy products throughout the year. On average, a family is provided with approximately $150 in groceries once every 30 days from our Food Pantry program.

This food assistance program is facilitated by trained certified staff and offers families in need access to proper nutrition via healthy options through our Food Pantry Site in East Chicago, Mobile Food Pantry, Homebound Food Pantry Delivery, and various Pop-Up Food Pantry locations.

Our Food Pantry is open every Friday morning in our East Chicago office. For the pantry time or for additional program information, please email:

Food Pantry Site

We provide food to families living in poverty, as well as moderate income households that are struggling to keep food on their tables due to the escalating cost of basic food items. Our Food Pantry Site is located in our East Chicago office and is open every Friday morning.

Mobile Food Pantry

The Mobile Food Pantry travels on certain days of the month to various locations within communities where food assistance is needed. This Mobile Food Pantry enables those who are not able to come to our Food Pantry Site in East Chicago to receive the same healthy food options. Healthy food options are available at a Mobile Food Pantry while supplies last.

Homebound Food Pantry Delivery

Our Homebound Food Pantry Deliveries are provided to seniors and to those who are unable to leave their home due to illness or disability. This Service may be provided on either a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the nature of the illness or disability.

Pop-Up Food Pantry

Pop-Up Food Pantries are held within communities where food assistance is needed at various locations and times during the month. Healthy foods, fresh produce, and other assorted grocery items are provided to individuals and families, old and young alike in need.