Catholic Charities was founded in 1937 as a social service association to serve the poor and vulnerable in Northwest Indiana.

For more than 80 years, Catholic Charities has continued its original purpose and has broadened the base of programming and shifted the emphasis of the social services provided depending on the needs of the people who live in Lake, La Porte, Porter, and Starke Counties.

Today, Catholic Charities is an indepentent 501(c)(3) non-profit social service member agency of Catholic Charities USA that provides help, creates hope, and serves all, regardless of their religious or ethnic background. Our comprehensive network of social services focuses on individuals and families who are at the edge between poverty and basic subsistence level, struggling financially, and those who are marginalized.

We provide essential services all year long to our neighbors in need throughout Northwest Indiana including:

  • Helping individuals and families at risk of eviction and service disconnection because they cannot pay their rent/mortgage, gas, electric, and water bills.
  • Providing nutritional food to individuals and families that are struggling to make ends.
  • Free and confidential counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, support, and education for pregnant women.
  • Essential immigration and representation services to immigrants, refugees, and their families to help ease their burden and enable them to contribute and thrive in their communities.
  • And so much more that benefits needy children, adults, and families living in Lake, La Porte, Porter, and Starke Counties.

We are committed to restoring hope, dignity, and a sense of security for individuals of all ages. Our comprehensive network of social services focuses on individuals and families who are struggling financially, at the edge between poverty and basic subsistence level, and those who are marginalized in Northwest Indiana.

Often people in need are facing multiple challenges and need a helping hand to reach stability. At Catholic Charities, we help our neighbors in need create a brighter future for themselves and their families by providing aid and support during crisis circumstances and then work to find a plan for stability and self-sufficiency. Whenever possible, we aim to pave a road toward empowerment, enabling those we serve to thrive!

We have three area offices located in Hammond, East Chicago, and Gary and two satellite locations in La Porte County as well as other various locations in Porter and Starke Counties. Our central administration and development functions are also housed at the Gary location. Catholic Charities serves a population of approximately 792,575 people with very diverse racial, religious, and ethnic characteristics, as well as occupations, experiences, and income status.

As one of the primary social service organizations in Northwest Indiana, Catholic Charites is at the forefront of mission opportunities helping to meet the needs of those who are struggling and need assistance.

In 2021, Catholic Charities impacted nearly 35,000 individuals and families in need!

Our Community Outreach, Food Pantry, Women’s Care Center, Immigration Services, Affordable Housing, and Financial Workshops programs allow Catholic Charities to reach out and embrace those that are struggling. We come alongside those who are in need and walk with them helping them to achieve the goal of becoming as self-sufficient as possible.