Our Core Values

In order to remain faithful to our mission, Catholic Charities is guided by a set of Core Values. They are our organization’s public testament regarding our ethical and moral responsibility for the services we deliver. Every day, we promise those we serve, employees, donors, board members, volunteers, funding partners and the community that we will strive to be an agency of excellence. Our promise is evidenced in our commitment to these core values:


We believe that people are the cornerstone of our mission. We hold the rights, values, beliefs and property of others in high regard, and we express that regard with an attitude of mutual esteem and admiration. When respect is incorporated into one’s attitude, caring for “the least among us” and contributing to the common good naturally follow.


We regard all people as equals. It is critical to the mission of Catholic Charities that each of us journey with those we serve, our employees, our volunteers, and our board members. This compassion inspires a desire to relieve the suffering of others.


We are committed to bringing out the best in each individual. We encourage decision-making, self-determination, creativity, and accountability for those we serve and ourselves. Not only do we expect competency from our co-workers, but we also expect those we serve to grow in competency. Competency fulfills our desire to become an agency of excellence.


We take moral responsibility for the management and prudent use of time, money, talents, and other resources in our work. As stewards, we are accountable to all stakeholders for the resources they have entrusted to us in order to carry out our mission.