Women's Care Center


At a Women’s Care Center (WCC)  we simply love. It is in a loving environment that pregnant women (and anyone else in relationship her baby) recognize their value and the value of her baby.

We opened our first Women’s Care Center in 2012 in Hammond. We opened our second in Merrillville in 2017. Each day we welcome women who are pregnant into a relationship that normally leads to a mother who is ready to welcome a healthy baby.

We offer these women counseling, pregnancy tests, the amazing experience of seeing their baby thanks to 4D ultrasound equipment, and as many classes on child birth, parenting, communication, planning, goal setting, and more as they care to take. Oh, and we gladly accompany them not merely through the birth of their baby, or the child’s first birthday, but until that child starts school. We are blessed to witness the transformation that happens when a woman chooses to be a mother. (And a man chooses to be a father!)

Our two centers are staffed with highly qualified counselors and ultrasound technicians (sonographers). Their training has prepared them to accompany women who are making lasting decisions with huge implications.

We invite you to learn more about this marvelous ministry by calling us and arranging a visit. If you are pregnant and feeling uncertain, call us today, please!

Here is more about our FREE services:

  • WCC’s medical grade, urine pregnancy tests can accurately detect a pregnancy soon after a missed period
  • Once we know a woman is pregnant, we schedule an ultrasound in order to confirm the delivery date and allow the mother to see the tiny beating heart of her baby
  • If this is the mom’s first pregnancy, we can help her feel prepared through our “First Time Mom’s” class where we cover topics like prenatal care, newborn care, and childbirth preparation
  • Pregnancy can seem like a reason to put everything on hold. Instead of allowing the mom to do that, we work with her (you) to set and achieve goals.
  • After completing First-Time Mom’s classes, moms can join the WCC’s group parenting classes that cover a wide-range of subjects related to parenting.

Crib Club Coupons:

  • By doing all the right things, clients earn coupons to redeem at our Crib Club—a baby store stocked with brand-new items your baby will need. The “right things” include seeing your doctor for prenatal check-ups, meeting goals you set, and more. The Crib Club offers most of the essential items that babies need including:
    • Diapers, wipers, cribs, car seats, clothing, blankets, bottles, toiletries and toys

Women's Care Center Program
Stefanie Herrera – Program Manager

Hammond  Location:  7127 Indianapolis Blvd - Telephone Number:  (219) 554-1774     

Merrillville Location:  8500 Broadway -  Telephone Number:  (219) 472-8059

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