Our Client Testimonials

Counseling Testimonials

Nine-year-old Jack was referred for Catholic Charities’ Counseling Program due to aggressive behavior at school and at home. Jack’s parents were divorcing and would become angry, argue, and curse in front of Jack.

Jack was sweet and kind, but when he became angry at school, he would scream, throw things at peers, and not listen to his teacher. His behavior became so disruptive that the school considered expelling him to protect those around him.

Counseling provided Jack with the communication skills and coping strategies to help him talk to his parents about feeling sad and angry about their divorce instead of acting those feelings out. Jack learned how to take deep breaths before responding to something that triggered his anger. Family sessions helped Jack and his parents learn how to communicate with one another. Jack learned to talk to his parents about his feelings concerning their divorce and his parents learned to listen and use their own positive coping skills to calm down before talking with one another. With the help of his parents and therapist, Jack applied his new skills in the classroom.

Jack completed the school year successfully and his parents made a healthy transition in learning to communicate better together.

Gateway Supportive Housing Testimonials

“Hi – my name is Darlene. Before I came to Catholic Charities and the Gateway Program, me and my boys were living in a shelter. It was horrible – I had no control over our lives. I was on a strict curfew and I was treated like a child – I didn’t feel like a parent to my boys. When I came to Catholic Charities and the Gateway Supportive Housing Program, I got an apartment and I felt such a feeling of freedom! It gave me a chance to get to know myself and my kids all over again. It gave me the ability to make choices. I am in school now. I want to graduate as a nurse and get off supportive housing so someone else can take my place. I want to get back on my feet again.”

Darlene is a determined student in a pre-nursing program at Ivy Tech. She looks forward to the day when she will not only graduate from Ivy Tech but also “graduate” from the Gateway Program.

“Hi – my name is Cynthia. Before I came to Catholic Charities and the Gateway Program, I was homeless. I didn’t have any way to get into housing. I didn’t have enough money or any family to help me. I don’t know where I’d be now without the Gateway Supportive Housing Program. With the health problems that I have I probably wouldn’t be alive today. As bad as everything is right now with my health, someone is in more pain than I am – someone is homeless and I’m not because of Catholic Charities. This program has blessed me and all those who contribute to it have blessed me. This has given me a place to call my own.”

Cynthia is currently recovering from major back surgery. She also suffers from diabetes, kidney failure and mental illness but continues to have a positive outlook on life.


“Hi – my name is Winston. Before I came to Catholic Charities and the Gateway Supportive Housing Program, I was homeless and it was very rough on me. Catholic Charities has brought me new life, has provided me a place to lay my head. I’m happy here in my apartment. I have no problems. I can sleep now at night in comfort, I can cook, I can take a shower. It’s given me a foundation for myself – the rest is on me to work on.”

Winston became estranged from his adult children when he became homeless. Now that he has a place they can come to for visits with him, he hopes to reestablish a relationship with them.

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